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The film ‘Jamun Ka Darakht’ won the third international award

Pakistani film ‘Jamun Ka Darakht’ bagged its third international award.

VANCOUVER: Pakistani short film ‘Jamun Ka Darakht’ has once again received international acclaim and bagged the prestigious award for Best Film on Human Rights at the Vancouver International Movie Awards.

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This is the third award the film has received internationally after winning the Cannes Film Festival’s Best Short Film on Social Justice category.

The film’s director Rafi Rashidi thanked the fans on Instagram and shared the good news with his followers.

A story of social problems

The ‘Jamun Ka Darakht’ explores the complex dynamics of marital relationships and domestic violence, offering a poignant exploration of these important social issues. The screenplay, penned by Mukhi Gill, is a compelling story that is loved by audiences across the globe.

The story is brought to life by Faisal Kapadia’s skillful production, which highlights the talent and commitment of the Pakistani film industry.

The film’s trailer, released in January, offered a glimpse of its compelling story, which delves into themes such as gender relations, harassment, sexual assault, and the harmful effects of lust.

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In a remarkable portrayal, Adnan Siddiqui plays Kareem, a prominent figure in the showbiz industry, who portrays the dark side of power and influence.

The film also stars Maha Tahrani and Fauzia Aman, whose brilliant performances lend depth and realism to Siddiqui’s story.

‘Jamun Ka Darakht’ continues to receive national and international acclaim, highlighting the importance of narrative in promoting social change and raising awareness.

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