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The Hermes Introduces the Diary-Size Paper Bag

The Hermes has Introduced a Diary-Size Paper Bag as a Stationary Item.

French Luxury Design House Hermes has Introduced a Diary-Size Paper Bag as a Stationery Item, Priced at Over 34,800 Rupees ($125).

Reusable silk wrapped paper envelopes in two different sizes A4 and A5 are used to carry diary or perfume.

The price of a seven and a half inch paperweight of the same brand is 822,000 rupees ($2950). While the annual basic salary of a college lecturer in Pakistan is less than that.

Hermes sandals are priced at Rs 2.14 lakhs ($76,000). This brand is known for its high quality craftsmanship and accessories like sandals, handbags.

The world’s third most expensive Yen Hermes Kelly Gold Rose bag is priced at 55 crore 74 lakh rupees (20 crore dollars).

The fourth and fifth most expensive handbags are from the same French brand with prices of 39 crores (one decimal four million dollars).

Hermes is among the ten richest families in the world and one of the richest brands in Europe.

According to Bloomberg, his wealth is estimated at more than 425 trillion rupees ($151 billion).

In 2019, fashion designer Debbie Wingham introduced the world’s most expensive handbag decorated with 8,000 diamonds in the United States, which cost 1.87 billion (67 million dollars).

On the second one was one billion and six crore rupees (38 million dollars) Mouawad handbag, this brand famous for jewelry in 2011 by presenting this most expensive bag was registered in the Guinness world record.

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