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The US States an Additional $100 Million for Pakistan’s Flood Recovery

The US States an Additional $100 Million for Pakistan's Flood Recovery

US commits extra $100 million for Pakistan’s flood recovery and post.

The financing includes humanitarian aid to support Pakistan’s flood recovery and relief operations in refugee-hosting countries, according to State Department Spokesperson Ned Price, who was addressing the media at a news conference today.

This is intended to promote renewable energy, disease monitoring, economic expansion, and flood defenses.

“I am glad to tell you that the United States announced an additional USD 100 million of recovery and reconstruction money today, making our total contribution over USD 200 million,” he said.

As per Price, the new investment of USD 100 million will be used for flood mitigation, administration, disease monitoring, economic expansion, renewable technology, weather patterns agro, nutrition security, and infrastructure rehabilitation.

As per reports from PTI, the spokesperson stated that the United States cooperation with the floods is an extension of its wider initiatives to create a US-Pakistan green alliance that examines a variety of climate and vulnerability concerns crucial to Pakistan’s reconstruction.

In the months and years to come,

“Pakistan’s recovery and reconstruction will be a continual process”

He concluded:

“We will continue to support Pakistan in its efforts to construct a more weather patterns destiny for its people.”

The country will necessitate at least USD 16.3 billion over the next three years to bridge financing needs, with half of that amount anticipated to come from outside assistance, according to Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, who was speaking at the opening session of the “International Conference on Climate Resilient Pakistan” in Geneva on Monday.

In the meantime, French President Emmanuel Macron pledged to give Pakistan USD 10 million in humanitarian assistance while announcing that his nation will continue to give Islamabad logistical support and some monetary help in his presentation via video link.

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