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The World’s Reaction to Iran’s Recent Attack on Israel

World’s reaction to Sunday, April 14, Iran’s latest attack on Israel.

World reaction to Iran’s latest attack on Israel on Sunday, April 14 Here are some reactions to the attack from official statements and social media posts:

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps said it launched dozens of drones and missiles at Israel on Saturday, potentially escalating tensions between the regional archenemies.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister

“In recent years, particularly in recent weeks, Israel has been prepared for a direct attack from Iran. Our defense systems have been deployed; we are prepared for any scenario, both defensive and offensive. The State of Israel is strong. The IDF is powerful the public is powerful.

“We appreciate the United States’ solidarity with Israel, as well as the support of Britain, France, and many other countries. We’ve established a clear principle: whomever harms us, we’ll harm them. We will defend ourselves against any threat in a calm and determined manner.

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Iran’s Mission to the United Nations

Iran’s military operation was a response to the Zionist regime’s aggression against its diplomatic premises in Damascus. The matter can be considered resolved.

“However, if the Israeli leadership makes another mistake, Iran will respond far more harshly. It is a battle between Iran and the renegade Israeli state, and the United States must stay out!”

United States President Joe Biden

“I recently convened with my national security advisors for an update on Iran’s assaults on Israel. “Our dedication to Israel’s defense against risks from Iran and its affiliates is steadfast.”

Mike Johnson, Speaker of the US House of Representatives

“As Israel faces a savage attack from Iran, America must demonstrate its complete resolve to stand by our crucial partner. “The world must be assured that Israel is not alone.”

Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres

“This evening’s massive blow against Israel by the Islamic Republic of Iran is a grave escalation, which I strongly condemn. I demand an end to hostilities right away.

“The very real danger of a terrible regional escalation deeply worries me. I implore all concerned parties to exercise utmost prudence to avert any action that might lead to widespread military confrontations throughout the Middle East.

“I have consistently emphasized that neither the reign nor the world can bear the burden of another war.”

British Prime Minister

“I strongly condemn the Iranian regime’s reckless attack on Israel. These strikes run the risk of escalating tensions and destabilizing the region. Iran has once again proved its desire to create havoc in its backyard.

“The United Kingdom will continue to advocate for Israel’s and our regional partners’ security, particularly Jordan and Iraq. We are immediately working with our allies to calm the situation and prevent it from escalating. “Nobody wants to see more bloodshed.”

 Prime Minister of Canada

Canada vehemently denounces Iran’s aerial assaults on Israel. We support Israel the Iranian regime’s most recent acts will further destabilize the area and make a durable settlement more difficult, having previously supported Hamas’ barbaric attack on October 7.

“These attacks serve as more evidence of the Iranian regime’s contempt for regional stability and peace. We back Israel’s right to protect its citizens and itself from these attacks.

Foreign Minister of Germany

Iran has attacked Israel with rockets and drones. We vehemently denounce the current attack, which has the potential to devastate an entire region. This needs to end right away for Iran and its allies. Israel has our utmost support at this moment.

German Envoy to Israel

“This evening, Germany expresses its sympathy with all Israelis scared by Iran as a result of this unprecedented and heinous attack, including Christians, Jews, Bedouins in the Negev, and Druze in the Golan. I hope none of them are hurt.

Foreign Minister of France

“France strongly denounces the strike against Israel carried out by Iran. Iran is starting a new phase in its destabilizing activities and running the risk of a military escalation by choosing to take such an extraordinary move.

Chief of Foreign Policy for European Union

The EU vehemently denounces Iran’s despicable attack on Israel. The security of the region is gravely threatened by an escalation, unlike anything that has ever happened before.

President of European Council

Declare your strong opposition to Iran’s aggression on Israel. Every action must be taken to stop the regional crisis from getting worse. We have to prevent further violence. We and our partners will keep a careful eye on the situation.

Speak out against Iran’s assault against Israel. To prevent the regional problem from getting worse, all necessary measures must be implemented. We must stop more acts of violence. Our partners and I will closely monitor the issue.

Prime Minister of Spain

“What is going on in the Middle East worries us a lot. We are in close contact with our embassies throughout the region, which will remain open to serve Spaniards living there.

 Dutch Prime Minister,

“The Middle East scenario is concerning. The Netherlands and other nations delivered Iran a strong warning earlier today asking it to desist from striking Israel. The attacks on Israel by Iran are vehemently denounced by the Netherlands. Preventing further escalation is imperative We keep a careful eye on any developments.

Foreign Minister of Denmark

Denmark vehemently denounces Iran’s declared assault on Israel want everyone to be cautious and diffuse the tension. Both this act and Iran’s destabilizing influence in the Middle East are intolerable.

Foreign Minister of Norway

“I denounce the unlawful and harmful Iranian onslaught that is currently targeting Israel. This is going to exacerbate an already highly unstable situation. We have to stop the conflict in the Middle East from getting worse. I implore everyone to use the utmost caution.

Foreign Ministry of Czech Republic

“Czechia fiercely condemns the disruptive actions of Iran and the decision by its proxies to attack Israel. We emphasize that the right to self-defense belongs to Israel. Iran’s persistent hostility is making it hard for the Middle East to exist in safety and harmony.

President of Colombia

It was inevitable; we find ourselves in the lead-up to World War III just as humanity ought to be rebuilding its economy to rapidly achieve decarbonization. Because the United States is sponsoring a genocide, the world is on fire. A conflict’s path is obvious to all, but its outcome is uncertain. If only the people of Israel were as great as their ancestors, and able to terminate the madness of their monarch. The UN must act swiftly to call a meeting and declare its commitment to peace.

President of Argentina

“In response to the attacks by the Islamic Republic of Iran, the office of President Javier Milei expresses its solidarity and unwavering commitment to the State of Israel.” The Republic of Argentina recognizes the right of state nations to self-defense and fully supports the State of Israel in maintaining its sovereignty, particularly against regimes that inspire terror and seek to undermine Western culture.

President of Paraguay

“We convey our unwavering support for the Israeli people in these difficult times, and we are alarmed by the increase of violence in the region. We keep in touch with our embassies there to support our fellow citizens.

Foreign Minister of Chile

We convey our apprehension regarding the significant rise in tensions within the Middle East and the Iranian assaults on Israel. Chile supports the protection of civilian lives during armed conflicts as guaranteed by international humanitarian law and opposes the use of force.

Foreign Ministry of Mexico

The Mexican government has expressed grave concerns about Iran’s invasion of Israeli territory and the potential consequences for thousands of lives lost. To prevent a wider confrontation in the Middle East, Mexico denounces the use of force in international affairs and exhorts the involved parties to exercise restraint and look for peaceful solutions. Mexico also stresses how crucial it is to uphold international law to maintain world peace and security.

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