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Israel once again Attacked Nuseirat Camp, 5 Palestinians Martyred

Israel attack on Nuseirat camp once again, 5 Palestinians martyred.

5 Palestinians were martyred by the bombardment of the Nuseirat camp by the Israel attack once again, the Israeli planes targeted the house of the Arab family, and dozens of people were injured in the attack.

Israel’s operations in Gaza have started once again, according to Israeli media reports, 2 reserve brigades will be recruited in the coming days, the reserve brigades will be deployed for operations in Gaza.

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Ceasefire talks between Hamas and Israel have ended without results, Israel has claimed that Hamas has rejected the prisoner exchange deal, Yahya Sinwar is not ready to reduce the tension, he will go to any extent to get his 133 prisoners released.

On the other hand, speed up the efforts to return the displaced Palestinians. Despite the Israeli obstacles, people are returning to northern Gaza.

Israeli assaults on Gaza have resulted in at least 33,729 Palestinian deaths and 76,371 injuries since October 7. On the other hand, 1,139 people have died in Israel as a result of Hamas’s October 7 strikes, and many more are still in captivity.

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