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TikTok Removes Millions of Videos in Pakistan: Reasons Revealed

TikTok removes millions of Pakistani videos for violating guidelines.

It’s interesting to note that after TikTok discovered some of these videos, they were quickly taken down despite enjoying considerable popularity.

TikTok revealed in its most recent Community Guidelines Enforcement Report for the second quarter of 2023 (April–June) that 106,476,032 videos had been taken down worldwide. This makes up about 0.7% of all the videos that were posted on TikTok during that time.

66,440,775 of these movies were eliminated by automated systems, and 6,750,002 of these were eventually restored following review.

Pakistan’s noncompliance with Community Guidelines

In the second quarter of 2023, 14,141,581 videos were removed from Pakistan due to violations of Community Guidelines. TikTok also took action to stop automated spam accounts in addition to aggressively targeting spam accounts and related content.

In Pakistan, 83.6 percent of the infringing videos were taken down before anyone could see them during this time, and 92.5 percent of those videos were taken down in less than a day. This quarter’s proactive eradication rate was an astounding 98.6%.

precautions for young users’ safety

TikTok also eliminated 18,823,040 accounts globally that were allegedly owned by kids younger than 13, highlighting the security of younger users.

TikTok uses both human inspection and cutting edge technology to find, assess, and remove anything that violates its community guidelines.

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