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TikToker Hareem Shah’s Husband Reacts to her Leaked Viral Videos

Bilal Shah promised to stand by his wife Hareem Shah amid the scandal.

Hareem Shah is in “hot water” after a number of pornographic movies posted by the TikToker became popular on social media. Hareem claims that Sandal Khattak and Ayesha Naz, two ex-friends. posted the films online in an effort to discredit her reputation.

He also expressed his disdain and rage at the people responsible for posting explicit, personal videos of his wife online.

Despite being urged to do so, Bilal Shah has made it clear that he would not leave his wife. After the couple arrives in Pakistan. He has additionally committed to pursue all available legal remedies against the offenders.

The behaviour of Hareem Shah’s friends, who were even permitted to stay in the couple’s house. Infuriated and disappointed Bilal Shah, who expressed his feelings to a media outlet.

I didn’t anticipate that they would be able to perform such a thing with their friend, he stated.

Despite the fact that they were themselves women, they violated and defamed the character of a woman, Bilal continued. “In my opinion, they have done a very ungraceful thing,” Hareem’s husband continued. We’ll take all available legal action against them as soon as we land in Pakistan.

Bilal claims that he is receiving numerous calls and texts from people accusing him of being “an honorless guy” and advising him to divorce his wife. Those were his words:

In case I abandon her, where will she go? In his eyes, a real man is someone who stands by and supports his wife in her time of need. The kind of guys who abandon their women in such circumstances are not true men.

The infamous TikToker’s spouse went on to say, “People who are calling me names are themselves dishonourable and ignoble, and I am solely accountable to Almighty Allah if I leave her it would be unfair to her. In this time of desperate need, I will never abandon her,” he vowed.

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