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Today PM attends chashma-5 Nuclear Power Plant Ceremony

PM: MOU signing for the 1200 MW Chashma-5 Nuclear Power Plant stride.

The prime minister declared that the government will begin the project without further delay while speaking at the ceremony in Islamabad for the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding for the construction of Chashma-5 Nuclear Power Plant.

He claimed that despite its challenging economic circumstances, Pakistan is up for a $4.8 billion investment from China in this project, sending a message that Chinese businesses and investors still have faith in the nations.

According to him, Chinese businesses granted Pakistan a 30 billion dollar concession in two stages for the execution of this project.

He claimed that when Pakistan faced economic difficulties, worked with the IMF to complete the 9th Review, and satisfied all of the requirements set forth by the international lending organization, China once more stepped in to save the day.

In addition, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar were praised by PM Shehbaz Sharif for their assistance to Pakistan.

The Chinese authorities and President XI Jinping, according to the prime minister, have been quite generous in their assistance to Pakistan.

Mohammad Ishaq Dar, the finance minister, Khurram Dastgir, the energy minister, Ahsan Iqbal, Ms. Pang Chunxue, the Chinese charge affaires, a representative of Chinese corporations, and other senior officials from Pakistan and China were also present.

He will take part in the opening of Margalla Avenue as well. The government donation of transport vans to Pakistan Sweet Homes will be announced by the prime minister.

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