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Top Market Research Companies 2024

Data collected by research companies can help improve your products.

You may improve your customer experience, online user experience, communications strategy, and more with the data gathered by leading market research companies.

Self-serve platforms for market research come in handy when you need results quickly. However, if you’re looking for more granular or customized data, a market research companies might be a huge help.

These are 7 of the top consumer and business-to-business market research companies, offering anything from fully customized services to knowledgeable reporting on the subjects that are most important to your audience.


Ipsos is a market research company that connects businesses with online communities.

You will be paired with a group of individuals who share characteristics with your ideal clientele when you collaborate with Ipsos. These parallels assist you in determining what kind of user or client your ideal client could find appealing.

Retail, healthcare, transportation, politics, and the automobile industry are just a few of the areas in which Ipsos offers a wide range of services.

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You can accomplish the following with Ipsos:

  • Put together personalized customer panels
  • Keep track of mystery shopper trips and interview sessions to document store encounters.
  • View reports regarding important consumer data and demographics.
  • Conduct product, packaging, and brand testing.
  • Test messages for public relations initiatives.
  • Create research evaluating the standard of care and patient satisfaction.
  • Take part in surveys of public opinion

To gain an additional understanding of your market, you can also collaborate with an Ipsos strategist.

Ipsos uses a range of advertising methods to find panelists and community members, and participation is completely voluntary. Rather, participants earn points that they can then exchange for rewards.

You must contact the Ipsos team to discuss your demands and obtain a price quote because their services are highly customized.

Edelman DXI

Customers can obtain insights into their target markets, consumer behavior, and general economic trends via Edelman Data & Intelligence (DXI).

The business is a division of the international communications agency Edelman. Working with their DXI unit can assist you in:

  • Social analysis and listening
  • Analysis of competitive markets
  • Auditing content
  • Planning for paid media
  • Forecasting risks
  • Analytics for workers

With offices all around the world, Edelman DXI can offer insights to a wide range of international markets and audiences.

You’ll need to get in contact with the business to find out more about the cost of becoming a client because Edelman DXI services are customized for each client.

Exploding Topics

An alternative to conventional market research companies is Exploding Topics.

One alternative to depending on a limited panel sample or target group chosen by a company is to extract insights from what could be the world’s biggest source of consumer needs, wants, and insights on the internet.

Initially, we employ artificial intelligence (AI) to listen in on discussions taking place over:

  • Web sites
  • Blogs
  • Media sources
  • Forums
  • Social media
  • Audio podcasts

After that, our data analysis specialists analyze this information to assist in determining the most popular brands, technologies, themes, and market trends that today’s consumers and businesses are interested in.

We compile these results into a searchable database, which we then utilize as the foundation for informative, useful reports that summarize the most important trends of the day.

Our database spans more than 40 sectors and goes back 15 years. Additionally, it is updated daily, giving you access to new insights at all times.

You can use Exploding Topics data to supplement your research, whether you use our reports or choose to search the database yourself.

  • Entry into new markets
  • Product development
  • New marketing strategies
  • Startup investing
  • Competitor acquisition
  • New business formation

Right now, you can get free access to certain of our trend data and reports. You must have a paid Exploding Topics Pro subscription to view all of the data points and reports available on Exploding Topics, including our Meta Trends feature, which illustrates how trends cross.

Your Exploding Topics Pro subscription is just $1 for the first two weeks, and after that, it can cost as little as $39 per month (paid annually).


The market research services provided by Gartner and Ipsos are similar, but they also include a few other sectors, such as finance, energy, and education.

As a Gartner customer, you can:

  • Review prepared reports
  • Engage in personalized consulting services
  • Attend industry events

Your business can improve consumer-facing goods or campaigns and internal business operations with the data collected from these reports and actions. The data from Gartner can be helpful for:

  • Understanding how to best position your brand
  • Improving project strategy development and decisions
  • Estimating tech lifecycles and improving corporate purchasing
  • Evaluating your top market competitors
  • Developing a more sustainable business strategy
  • Determining how AI may impact your business
  • Preparing for economic changes
  • Improving your company’s market share

You can sample what Gartner has to offer by downloading some of their studies for free from their website. If it looks like it will be a good fit for your requirements, you will need to request a quote from the Gartner team.

IMS Marketing

IMS is a full-service marketing firm, but to assist B2B clients in better understanding how to position their brands and goods, they have a market research division.

Their customized services can help with:

  • Understanding customer feedback
  • Evaluating if a new product or market is feasible
  • Analyzing the Competitor Landscape
  • Creating market segments
  • Researching new audience groups
  • Identifying and improving brand perception
  • Identifying the gaps in the current or previous research efforts

Customized services; unlike Gartner and Exploding Topics, the company doesn’t provide pre-made reports.

Only after meeting with the organization and giving them a thorough rundown of your goals, market, and business can you become an IMS client. Reaching out to IMS to schedule a consultation is the first step for potential clients.


Forrester is a market research company that offers analysis for technology, government, and commercial applications.

Forrester is useful for both B2B and B2C companies, although a lot of their data is particularly beneficial for B2B markets.

Using Forrester insights, you can:

  • Examine the needs and desires of business clients.
  • Upgrade your technology stack to stay competitive.
  • Get ready for obstacles in development and the supply chain.
  • Examine the templates for the created sales strategies.
  • Find out the weaknesses of the competition

Forrester provides access to data-rich reports and advisory services, allowing you to decide whether you want hands-on assistance or a more self-directed approach.

Forrester reports can run up to $1,000 each, and quotes for consulting services are tailored to your specific needs. To discuss options, anyone interested in working directly with Forrester could contact their sales team.


For a variety of business-to-consumer (B2C) sectors, such as consumer packaged goods (CPG), fashion, hotel, retail, and technology, Kantar provides market research services.

Kantar’s research solutions include:

  • Gathering qualitative consumer insights across more than 80 international markets.
  • Tailored research questionnaires utilizing panels drawn from a network consisting of over 150 million participants.
  • Establishing panels for healthcare professionals and patients.
  • Expert survey design

The business also provides users with access to Kantar Marketplace, an independent market research platform that enables them to direct their own data gathering and analysis activities.

You can pay for access to the marketplace on a per-use basis or with an annual commitment starting at $50,000.

However, you are unable to register on the Kantar website; instead, you must contact their sales team to have access to the Marketplace and custom Kantar research services.

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