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Train Fare Increase Announced by Pakistan Railway

Pakistan Railways raises passenger fares by 5% after fuel price hike.

The increase will take effect starting tomorrow, September 19. In this regard, a notification has been released.

Following the recent increase in diesel prices by the interim administration, the goods transporters increased tariffs by 10% on Sunday.

Tanveer Ahmed Butt, the leader of the good transporters association, asserted that the tariff increase was necessary due to the rising cost of fuel. In response to the “hike in diesel prices up to Rs40 per liter in 15 days,” the goods transporters announced an increase in charges of 10%.

In a statement, Tanveer said that the significant rise in diesel prices has increased their expenses and that they are only running services to keep the country moving.

Tanveer Butt asserts that if we cease running transportation, unemployment will increase.

Local carriers unilaterally increased the fee by up to 20% without getting clearance from the authorities after a jump in gasoline prices earlier in the month.

It is important to note that the government reviews petroleum product pricing every two weeks. Since taking office in August, the interim administration has raised rates three times. The cost of gasoline was raised by Rs 26 per liter three days ago.

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