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UK Hospital Submits Nawaz Sharif Health Report to LHC

Nawaz Sharif, PML-N leader, submits health report to LHC on Friday.

Details indicate that Nawaz Sharif health report was delivered to the Registrar’s Office by attorney Amjad Pervez.

Nawaz Sharif continues to claim having heart-related problems, according to the British doctor’s report. Due to diabetes and other illnesses, Nawaz Sharif requires ongoing follow-up care in both Pakistan and London. In the past, he needed ongoing checks following bypass surgery and angioplasty.

In the report, the former prime minister’s doctor said that Nawaz Sharif received treatment from us to enhance his anti-anginal therapy. Aches and pains and the Corona virus prohibited the leader of the Muslim League-N from traveling to Pakistan. We made the decision to repeat his angioplasty as his symptoms got worse.

The story goes on to indicate that Nawaz Sharif had an angioplasty in November 2022, as well as the implantation of heart stents.

It is important to highlight that consultant cardiologist Professor Carlo Di Mario from the Royal Brompton Hospital in Great Britain provided the former prime minister’s medical report.

It is important to note that the leader of the PML-N has declared that he will return to Pakistan on October 21. The former prime minister will address a sizable public rally at Menar-e-Pakistan on the same day that his party has begun planning to welcome him.

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