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University Students Dance Videos Viral

Dance clips from private university event criticized as “vulgar.”

A local journalist uploaded videos to the internet showing Pakistani girls dancing in skimpy attire.

According to the journalist, the University of Central Punjab (UCP) was purportedly the host of the event, which infuriated online users with videos purportedly showing students swaying their legs under strobe lights.

The latest international news reveals that online backlash targeted the private university’s students and administration because multiple students were seen wearing lewd attire. The incident also made its way onto Twitter, with users calling for accountability from the administration for allowing the event.


In the conservative culture, the students’ raucous dance under strobe lights and loud music was unusual.

The authenticity of viral videos, however, is still unknown, according to the latest news, which begs the question of whether the clips are from another event or if the incident actually occurred.

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