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US Condemned for Banning Social Media in Pakistan

US department called the banning on social media Pakistan intolerable.

US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller reportedly told a foreign news agency that Pakistan respects freedom of expression like the rest of the world and banning any kind of social media platform in the foreign press briefing is intolerable.

He announced that he will continue to press the Pakistani authorities for basic freedoms and that he rejects the government’s shutdown of all social platforms, including X.

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According to Matthew Miller, although the new Pakistani government is open to dialogue with them, a thorough investigation into irregularities in the electoral process is still necessary.

He had earlier said that the US values its alliance with Pakistan and will continue to work with Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif to advance common goals.

According to a US State Department official, Maryam Nawaz’s election as prime minister marks a turning point in Pakistani politics, and both the US and Pakistan want to benefit from a prosperous and democratic Pakistan.

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