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What Could Happen at the End of Netflix Series ‘King the Land’?

This weekend marks the final of the romantic comedy “King the Land”.

King the Land, which features a magnificent hotel as its backdrop, has constantly performed well, reached its highest point with a massive 12.317% in South Korea, and spent six weeks in the top 10 most popular films on Netflix worldwide. Let’s find out how the series might end:


Lee Jun-ho plays Gu Won, heir to the King Group, a global travel company.

Cheon Sa-rang, a worker at the King Hotel, is played by Lim Yoon-a.

Go Won-hee plays Sa-rang’s friend and flight attendant Oh Pyeong-hwa in the movie.

As Gang Da-eul, a buddy of Sa-rang and a salesperson at one of King Group’s stores, Kim Ga-eun portrays him.

Ahn Se-ha plays No Sang-sik, a worker for Won.

Lee Ro-woon, Pyeong-hwa’s coworker, played by Kim Jae-won


The show centers around Gu Won (Lee), a wealthy man trying to succeed in his family competitive hotel business, and Cheon Sa-rang (Lim), a happy hotel employee who is utterly dedicated to her work.

The two heads repeatedly, but after time, their defenses start to give way. Yes, things are going to get really cute.

When will it end?

This week on Saturday and Sunday, the second last and final episode of the series will air. Netflix offers the program for streaming.

Possible ending

The ending of most Korean dramas is typically very foreseeable. The creators typically stick to a predetermined plot that is intended to be finished in a predetermined number of episodes. The plot of the show revolves around an initially unusual coupling the couple in which the guy is a wealthy heir and the lady is a concierge overcoming hurdles to find love and finding happiness together.

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