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What foods magically improve your mood?

The world’s tasty foods that boost your mood and maintain good health.

Vegetables, fruits and meat are some of the delicious foods that Allah has provided for humans. These foods are not only tasty but also contribute to a happy mood and healthy existence.

In today’s problem-filled world, it’s hard to keep a positive attitude, but there are some magic foods we can eat every day to improve our mood and memory.

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In this regard, nutritionist Dr. Arij Haroon told in a program and commented on it.

According to Dr. Arij Haroon, seasonal vegetables and fruits should be a regular part of a person’s diet because they play an important role in calming the mind and contain magnesium, which is present in practically all green vegetables.

He added dry fruits and dark chocolate to his diet, adding that eating all seafood, including fish, contains vitamin D and omega fatty acids, which help maintain a positive attitude. If you eat, you will feel better physically and mentally.

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