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What is the Best Free Online Excel Training?

Discover the best free online resources for mastering Excel skills.

To learn Excel without going over budget, there are a ton of free online tools available. For many years, Excel served as the primary tool for managing and analyzing data across numerous sectors.

It is a priceless resource for professionals of all stripes, including data analysts, finance specialists, and even students, thanks to its powerful features and versatility. But learning Excel can be difficult, particularly for new users.

Training in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft’s Office support website provides a plethora of free Excel training materials. You may improve your Excel skills with the help of lessons, videos, and interactive instructions, regardless of your level of experience.

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Microsoft’s Excel training program provides a broad range of topics appropriate for users of all skill levels, from fundamental formulas and functions to sophisticated data analysis strategies.

Excel Simple

Excel Easy is a great starting point for those who want to learn Excel online. The website offers simple tutorials with illustrations and explanations that are easy to follow.

Data analysis, formatting, basic formulas, and functions are among the subjects covered. Excel Easy is a wonderful place for beginners to start learning Excel because of its planned lessons and easy-to-use interface.

Excel MVP Chandoo developed, which provides a wealth of free Excel training, templates, and advice. Many topics are covered on the website, such as VBA programming, sophisticated calculations, and dashboard design. offers resources to assist you in reaching your objectives, whether you want to use automation to expedite your workflow or hone your data visualization abilities.


Another excellent tool for learning Excel is Exceljet. The website offers thorough guides, advice, and keyboard shortcuts to make your work with Excel more productive.

Exceljet covers everything in an easy-to-understand manner, from fundamental operations like data sorting and filtering to sophisticated strategies like pivot tables and conditional formatting.

Channels on YouTube

With innumerable channels devoted to imparting Excel skills, YouTube is a treasure trove of free Excel tutorials

There are a ton of courses available on channels like ExcelIsFun, MyOnlineTrainingHub, and Leila Gharani that cover everything from fundamental operations to sophisticated data analysis methods.

Whether you’re more interested in short tips and tricks or in watching in-depth tutorials, YouTube has a ton of helpful videos that will help you improve your Excel skills.

edX and Coursera

Although edX and Coursera are well-known for their paid courses, they also provide free Excel classes from prestigious colleges and universities.

Numerous facets of Excel are covered in these classes, such as financial modeling, data analysis, and spreadsheet automation.

For the free versions of these courses, you will not receive a certificate of completion; nevertheless, you will still receive excellent teaching resources and assignments to support your Excel learning.

Formerly known as, LinkedIn Learning

There are several Excel courses accessible on LinkedIn Learning, most of which cost a subscription, but others are free.

These courses are given by professionals in the field and cover a wide range of topics at beginning and advanced levels.

Some of these free courses might be available to you if you already have a LinkedIn account thanks to other promotional offers or LinkedIn Learning’s trial period.

Excel Forum Communities

Taking part in online Excel communities and forums is another excellent way to learn the program for free.

You may get help, advice, and tips from seasoned Excel users on websites such as MrExcel Forum and Reddit’s r/excel.

Participating in the community enables you to solve issues, share solutions, and remain current with Excel trends and methods.

Google Sheets Support Page

The Google Sheets Help Center provides helpful tools for customers looking to switch from Excel to Google Sheets or for cloud-based spreadsheet solutions, even if it is not specifically focused on Excel.

The center offers community forums, tutorials, and guidelines where users may ask questions and get advice from one another.

Because Google Sheets and Excel are so similar, users of Excel who want to learn more can greatly benefit from the information provided here.


Excel proficiency doesn’t have to be extremely expensive. Anyone can learn Excel abilities at their own pace and convenience thanks to the abundance of free online resources. The tools listed above can help you improve your Excel skills and open up new employment prospects, regardless of your level of expertise.

Whether you’re a novice trying to establish a strong foundation or an experienced user hoping to expand your knowledge. Why then wait? Take a look at these free Excel training choices to start improving your spreadsheet skills right away!

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