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What should be done if there is too much salt in the food?

Even the best prepared food is impossible if there is too much salt in the food.

You can reduce the amount of salt in your kitchen using some of these methods. Cooking is considered an art, and adding the right amount of salt and pepper to food enhances its flavor. A small mistake can result in an excessive amount of salt, which spoils the overall taste of the food.

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Women no longer have to worry, and they no longer spoil the food at home. If your diet is high in salt, here are some simple tips you can follow to reduce the salt.

Use flour to reduce salt

If you accidentally oversalt your food, you can reduce the amount of salt by kneading the dough, rolling it into small balls, and adding them to the food. Remove them after a while.

Boiled potatoes

Add boiled and mashed potatoes to the curry to reduce the salt content quickly. The salt will also be less and the curry will be thicker.

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Uncooked potatoes

After washing and peeling, cut the raw potato into two pieces, add it to the curry or dal, mix it and leave it for two minutes. All the excess salt will be absorbed by the potato, resulting in a balanced taste of the curry.

Yogurt and milk

Using this technique makes the dish taste even better. If salt is too much, it can be reduced by adding curd, milk to vegetables, dal or curry.

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