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What Time is Total Solar Eclipse on April 8?

What time can you see the “solar eclipse” on April 8 in its entirety?

What Time is the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8? Mazatlán, in Sinaloa, Mexico, will be the first location in North America to observe the total phase of the eclipse, beginning at 11:07 am MST (1:07 pm EDT). And will last for four minutes and 20 seconds.

There are just four days left in this exceptional celestial occurrence, which is unlikely to occur again for at least the next 20 years.

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On April 8, the moon will pass directly in front of the sun, obstructing light from reaching Earth, causing the sky in North America to go entirely dark.

Four minutes of eerie blackness will be experienced by those in the path of totality, which is expected to span a distance of 115 miles (185 kilometers) and cross 15 states in the United States. This information was provided by Live Science.

While only 15 states will be able to see the totality, every US state will be able to see a partial eclipse.

In the US, it will start at 1:27 PM in Texas and will finish at 3:35 in Maine.

The complete solar eclipse will begin as a partial, progress into a total, and then conclude as a partial once more.

At 12:20 pm in Dallas, it will partially eclipse the state of Texas. For four minutes at 1:40 pm, totality will be visible.

  • Idabel, Oklahoma: 1:45pm
  • Little Rock Arkansas: 1:51pm
  • Poplar Bluff: 1:56pm
  • Paducah, Kentucky: 2:00pm
  • Carbondale, Illinois: 1:59pm
  • Evansville, Indiana: 2:02pm
  • Cleveland, Ohio: 3:13pm
  • Erie, Pennsylvania: 3:16pm
  • Buffalo, New York: 3:18pm
  • Burlington, Vermont: 3:26pm
  • Lancaster, New Hampshire: 3:27pm
  • Caribou, Maine: 3:32pm

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