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WhatsApp Introduces Dual-Account Feature

WhatsApp unveils exciting new feature for its California users.

With the help of this functionality, users will be able to utilize two different phone numbers inside of the same WhatsApp program, thus opening “dual WhatsApp accounts feature.”

WhatsApp announced this announcement on Facebook, explaining that users will be able to easily manage two accounts at the same time with this upcoming feature.

Thanks to this innovation, users can “switch” between their two accounts with ease and won’t need to log out of one to access the other.

In order to add a second WhatsApp account, users must go to Settings, choose “Add Account,” and then enter their second WhatsApp number.

Users will also be able to customize their privacy and notification settings for every account they have.

WhatsApp did, however, issue a warning to users about managing several identities on a single device by downloading unauthorized or fake programs. It is best to use the official WhatsApp application.

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