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Saudi Arabia Bans Quranic Verses on Gold Ornaments

Saudi Arabia bans Quranic verses on gold ornaments, aims for respect.

Arab media reports that the Grand Mufti and Saudi Arabia Interior Ministry issued the directive that prohibited writing Quranic passages on gold jewellery and decorative objects.

The name of (Allah) should not be written on any paper, utensils, or equipment that people typically use and discard, according to the Saudi Interior Minister.

However, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia asserted that the revelation of Quranic verses was intended solely for human guidance and that any other use of them is forbidden. Consequently, it has never been permitted to desecrate a verse from the Quran.

This prohibition aims to preserve the sacredness of these inscriptions, guaranteeing that they are not trivialized or carelessly thrown away, while also highlighting the respect that is due to the Quranic verses. It is an expression of Saudi Arabia’s dedication to maintaining the religious and cultural value of these holy books.

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