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Who is Amir Sarfraz Tamba Trending on Social Media?

Investigation into murder of Amir Sarfraz Tamba, who was Amir Tamba?

The death of Amir Sarfraz Tamba, who was suspected of killing Indian terrorist Sarabjit Singh in 2013, may have involved India, according to Mohsin Naqvi, the minister of interior, who made this announcement on Monday.

Speaking to reporters at the Lahore office of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Naqvi stated that the police were actively looking into the circumstances surrounding the deadly shooting of Tamba, with suspicions pointing to a possible involvement from India.

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“India has been connected to four other homicides that are identical to this one before to this occurrence. Even though the method of operation is similar to other occurrences, it would be premature to make firm judgments until the inquiry is finished, he continued.

Tamba was shot and killed on Sunday by two attackers on motorcycles who were under the Islampura police’s authority, according to police reports. Tamba passed away from his wounds in spite of being taken to the hospital right away.

Shame on Pakistan
Shame on Pakistan

Based on a complaint from Tamba’s brother, Junaid Sarfraz, a case has been launched against the unnamed attackers, and law enforcement has begun searching CCTV footage for evidence of the attackers.

It is noteworthy to highlight that Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh announced India’s intention to pursue anyone trying terrorist activities over the border in an interview that was aired on April 5. Singh also confirmed the Modi-led government’s goal of carrying out targeted executions in Pakistan.

Singh made these comments in response to reports published in The Guardian that the Indian government has, as part of a larger counterterrorism plan, planned over 20 such executions in Pakistan since 2020. This research supported previous allegations about Indian involvement in targeted killings overseas made by the US and Canada.

Who is Amir Sarfraz Tamba?

45-year-old spice trader Amir Tamba lived in Islampura with his siblings.

Sarabjit Singh was allegedly beaten with stones and iron rods in April 2013 by Tamba and Mudasir Munir when he was detained in Kot Lakhpat jail. Singh was given the death penalty because of his role in the bombings in 1990 that took 14 lives in Lahore and Faisalabad.

However, because all of the witnesses recanted, a sessions court in Lahore on December 14, 2018, cleared Tamba and Munir of Singh’s murder and ordered their freedom.

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