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Third Flight Carrying Students from Kyrgyzstan Arrived in Pakistan

Third flight carrying students from Kyrgyzstan safely reached Pakistan.

The third flight carrying students from Kyrgyzstan reached Pakistan safely. According to the news, Flight KA 4571 landed at Allama Iqbal Airport at 2.30 pm, special arrangements were made for the students on the government’s instructions.

According to reports, flight A4571 landed at Lahore airport twenty minutes late, and students’ parents and relatives were at the airport in large numbers to meet their loved ones.

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Even earlier, two special flights from Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, returned home with more than 180 passengers including students.

Around 180 passengers, including Pakistani students, reached home safely from Bishkek on 2 special flights. Flight KA4575 carrying 180 students and passengers from Bishkek landed at Islamabad Airport.

Flight A6571 reached Lahore with 180 passengers including students. Students’ families and relatives were also present at the airport on this occasion.

The family said that our children are coming to Pakistan with your help, children were treated inhumanely. The children have run out of food and drink, the government should ensure the evacuation of the students soon.

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