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Why Indian Sports Journalist Sushant Mehta Facing Boycott on X?

Indian journalist Sushant Mehta facing boycott on X due Islamophobia.

Sushant Mehta faces boycott of X due to Islamophobia. Journalist Sushant Mehta is the host of “Sports Yaari” YouTube channel.

Where he provides analysis on selection & performance of Indian cricket squad.

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After a video clip went viral on social media.

Indian sports journalist and analyst Sushant Mehta faced criticism for remarks that were interpreted as derogatory towards Islam.

The controversy arose as Mehta responded to a stand-up comedy video by Munawar Faruqui, making comments about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Mehta, who is well-known for his fervent reviews and sporadic emotional outbursts, Mehta’s offensive remarks triggered widespread criticism.

Public apologies, boycotts, and calls for accountability from Mehta have all followed in the wake of the incident, which has generated significant reactions on various platforms.

Users on X are denouncing it and demanding a boycott:

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