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Why is there a three-legged table in the middle of every pizza?

Many people eat pizza but ever noticed the table placed between pizza?

Do you know how important the small table in the center of the pizza is for your pizza, allowing you to appreciate its taste?

Yes, this plastic table is called a pizza saver, but it is not used for collecting or decorating pizza slices. It keeps your pizza from sticking to the box, and the toppings stick to the cardboard and the pizza. Prevents loss and preserves.

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A box is filled with hot pizza, which will cause the box to bend downwards due to moisture, which will stick to the cheese and other ingredients if the pizza saver is not in the middle. Because of this, pizzas often went bad in the past. In the 1980s, a New York woman came up with a solution.

He got the idea when the cardboard in the majority of home-delivered pizzas spoiled them. To keep the box from sticking to the top of the pizza, he created a plastic tripod and applied for a patent for it in 1985.

He claimed in his invention that using a pizza saver could prevent pizza from spoiling and prevent pizza boxes from sticking to the bottom easily.

This three-legged table is used all over the world as the patented pizza saver can withstand temperatures up to 260 degrees Celsius.

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