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Why Vicky Kaushal Fell in Love with Katrina Kaif

Vicky Kaushal reveals charming trait in Katrina, leading to his love.

“Those factors were never the reason I fell in love with her,” the actor Vicky Kaushal admitted. The reason I fell in love with her is because I was simply completely in love with her when I got to know the human side of her and the person she is. I was aware of how much I would cherish having her as my life partner.

She has a lot of sympathy for those around her and the environment, which is always my biggest turn-on, Vicky said.

Vicky also openly discussed his initial thoughts when Katrina started paying him attention in the same interview, stating that he felt odd.

He also called his wife “a phenomenon” and commended her.

Zahara Hatke The actor who plays Zara Bachke said, “First, I used to feel strange having attention from her. I once thought, “Heh? Are you alright? Not that I wasn’t paying close attention; it was a two-way street. She was a phenomenon for me as well because I didn’t know her to be a real person. She is still. Just that the human element was included.

On December 9, 2021, in Rajasthan, Vicky and Katrina, the most adored couple in Bollywood, exchanged vows in a secret ceremony.

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