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Will Ali Zafar Sing HBL PSL 9 Song or Not?

The Pakistani singer Ali Zafar will sing the song of HBL PSL 9 or not?

Ali Zafar had three songs before HBL PSL PCB has recorded three song in Ali Zafar voice for season 9 of Pakistan Super League (PSL).

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The potential of Ali Zafar’s voice being heard in the next Pakistan Super League (PSL) season 9 has emerged. Zaka Ashraf’s departure, the situation has changed dramatically.

According to information, Ali Zafar sing the songs for the first three seasons of the HBL PSL. In 2018, he faced harassment charges from fellow singer Misha Shafi, which had a significant impact on his career.

After that, he was not allowed another chance to sing for PSL. Although Ali Zafar was not found guilty, a stain was placed on him that could not be removed despite numerous attempts.

PCB has recorded three songs in the voice of Ali Zafar for the 9th season of Pakistan Super League (PSL) one of them was selected.

However, when the PSL franchises got the news, a woman representative objected.

He expressed apprehension that past incidents including Ali Zafar’s re-inclusion in the league would be inappropriate.

Because it can have negative effects, based on this, the board changed its mind to hand over the project to Ali Zafar.

While Zaka Ashraf did not sign the contract, but with the departure of the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, there are signs of change in the situation.

The present authorities believe that since Ali Zafar has not been found guilty, there is no obstacle in giving him a chance.

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