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Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and British Asian Trust parted ways

The British Asian Trust has parted ways with musician Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Speaking to private TV, a representative of the British Asian Trust said that they are severing their ties with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan after the viral video.

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The British Asian Trust is strongly against violence. The organization strongly opposes all forms of violence and that is why the trust has severed all ties with the singer.

Remember that in 2017, Prince Charles announced the appointment of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan as the ambassador of the British Asian Trust.

Renowned singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has not only apologized to his student Naveed Hasnain, but has also released a video message with the employee, in which he is also seen standing with his employee.

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Rahat Fateh introduced the employee as Naveed Hasnain, whose video went viral. He said that you all will hear what actually happened from Naveed’s mouth, but before that, I apologize to him, this is my student, my child, and such things happen between teachers and students and I am in front of the camera. I also apologize to Naveed.

The employee said, that this is my mentor, my father and my teacher. A father even kills his son, there is no such thing, and whoever made and uploaded the video has done wrong.

I had forgotten to put the water of Ustadji which was given to me by Pir Sahib somewhere, due to which he beat me.

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