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X Introduces Audio and Video Calls for Android Users

X has started rolling out audio and video calling support to Android.

Android users may now make audio and video calls with Social Network X (previously Twitter).

“Today, Android users may gradually experience audio and video conversations on X! Call your mother and update your app. Enrique, an engineer involved in the project, stated.

The CEO of X, Linda Yaccarino, first revealed video chat on the platform in August of last year as a part of their joint venture with owner Elon Musk to develop a “everything” app.

Naturally, the benefits of their grand plan, such as the ability to make voice and video chats, are mostly exclusive to premium users. But regardless of whether they contribute to Musk’s ambitions, customers may still receive calls (which will set you back $8 a month or $84 a year).

There are now three paid tiers available in X: Basic, Premium, and Premium+. Additional features including a blue checkmark, sharing of ad revenue, the ability to modify posts, upload lengthier videos, and access to the xAI chatbot Grok are included with each higher tier.

The Basic ($3/mo) and Premium+ ($16/mo) tiers were introduced a few months ago, albeit the Premium tier costs $8 each month.

Open an existing discussion or start a new one with an X user to initiate a call. Next, select the option you want to use to initiate an audio or video call.

All accounts can receive calls through the app, according to a support article from the firm; however, you have the ability to manage who can contact you through the DM Settings.

Only users with whom you have texted at least once may initiate an audio or video conversation, and in order to receive push alerts when someone calls, you must have them enabled.

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