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Introducing Latest Artificial Intelligence Galaxy Smartphone

Introducing Galaxy smartphone with artificial intelligence features.

The South Korean company Samsung introduced the latest Galaxy smartphone premium S24 Ultra with artificial intelligence features.

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It will be a Galaxy smartphone during the call translation.

According to AFP, the president of Samsung, TM Roh, attended the event held at a sports center in the Silicon Valley of the city of San Jose, California, on this occasion.

On this occasion, he said that artificial intelligence is going to bring a big change in the mobile industry.

He said that in the near future, the mobile phone will be the main point of access to artificial intelligence and Samsung wants to play a leadership role in this regard.

Premium S24 Ultra is capable of in-call translation between different languages during a call.

And through this, two people who do not understand each other’s language will be able to communicate on the phone.

Samsung has developed a translator for 13 languages that are spoken worldwide, utilizing its own artificial intelligence technologies.

Artificial Intelligence Galaxy Smartphone

The phone also features an unusual search function linked to Google.

Using this function, the user will be able to search for any term or image in any text in front of him by placing a circle around it.

This phone also includes car systems like messaging and navigation, these systems are also connected with artificial intelligence.

Like the iPhone 15, the Samsung Galaxy S24 comes with an ultratitanium frame and starts at $1,299.

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