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Yasmin Rashid “Evades” Arrest

PTI’s Yasmin Rashid avoids being arrested by locking herself in a car.

Yasmin Rashid stated, “Police are encircling me for arrest.

According to Geo News, the former Punjab health minister was travelling to the clinic. When her car was encircled by law enforcement personnel at the Shadman Park underpass in Lahore.

The PTI leader also asserted that the police had requested that she exit the vehicle and follow them. She continued by saying that the former provincial minister was asked to accompany the women police, but she declined.

Yasmin Rashid informed the police that an Ali Bilal case First Information Report (FIR) had been filed against her, despite the fact that she was out on bail, claims Dr. Rashid.

She had been released by the police, according to a later statement from the PTI leader, and was now at her clinic.

The PTI leader, however, was not detained, according to the police.

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