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Young Man Died from Kite String, Video goes Viral

Young man riding motorcycle died due to a kite string around his neck.

In Faisalabad, there was an uproar after the footage of the death of a young man riding a motorcycle by hanging a kite string on his neck went viral. People have demanded severe punishment for those responsible.

Rescue 1122 said that Asif Shafiq, a resident of Tammanabad, was going to the Novelty Overhead Bridge in the factory area police limits and died on the spot due to a metal rope around his neck.

In the CCTV footage of the scene, it was seen that the young motorcyclist suddenly got confused by an unseen object and fell down along with the bike while crossing the road.

Disturbed by this suddenness, the young man does not understand for a moment what has happened to him as he stands up and at the same time blood starts flowing from his throat like water.

Seeing this accident, people started gathering, but earlier the young man was taken to the hospital for medical assistance, he died on the spot due to excessive bleeding from his body.

It should be noted that every year in Punjab during the Basant season, many deaths are reported due to kite stringing around the neck.

Kite Flying Banned

Kite flying has been banned by the Punjab government in the province but despite this it is being violated by the public instead of using deadly metal and chemical strings to fly kites.

However, when the CCTV footage of the recent incident came out, there is a lot of anger in the public and people are demanding strict action against the elements involved in kite flying.

On the other hand, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has also taken notice of the incident and ordered to make chemical doors and crack down on the sellers.

اسکرین گریب

However, it is believed that social media is being widely used for buying and selling of kites, chemical strings and drugs, which is a difficult task for the police to check.

According to reports, hundreds of websites are involved in these illegal businesses.

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