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Youngster Shot Dead by Robbers in Karachi Over Resistance

Karachi: Young citizen shot dead in robbery resistance due to gunfire.

Robbers shot and dead Saad, a 23-year-old, last night close to Karachi Johar Mor neighborhood. The victim’s family mentioned that Saad was actively preparing for his and his sister’s wedding and intended to marry in two months.

According to the uncle of the dead, Saad used to ride a bike and work at his maternal uncle’s workplace. Last night, when he was waiting for a ride, some accused stole his cell phone and fled.

The victim’s sibling mentioned that he had recently spoken to his brother, and later, he found out about the shooting. According to Saad’s family, they believe justice should be served as gunfire happens daily in the city.

However, the police reported that a 30-bore shell had been discovered at the scene of the crime. Following the deceased’s funeral, a case would be opened following the collection of family members’ statements, and the culprit would shortly be taken into custody with the aid of CCTV.

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