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“Rocky” Actor Burt Young Passes Away at 83

Burt Young, famous for Rocky series, passes away at age 83.

“Actor Burt Young had a wide range of emotions.” He has the ability to both shock and make you cry,” she remarked. However, the poignancy of his soul was the true pathos I felt. That is the source of it.

The news was confirmed by the late actor’s Oscar-nominated manager, Lynda Bensky, in a statement to People Magazine.

According to his daughter Anne Morea Steingieser, Young passed away in Los Angeles on October 8, as reported by the reporters on Wednesday.

Young starred in more than 160 films and TV series over his career. He developed into a dependable character actor who could portray hardened mob figures or struggling working folks.

He was the only actor cast in Rocky without having to go through an audition process. According to Young’s 2009 interview for The Sweet Science, Stallone told the former U.S. Marine that he had to be in the film after seeing him on the MGM lot.

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