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Zardari Say PDM would file no trust Petition in KP and Punjab Assembly

Zardari Says PDM would file no trust Petition in KP and Punjab Assembly

PDM alliance to file no-confidence resolutions in Punjab assemblies.

In an interview with a private news station on Thursday. Former President Zardari stated unequivocally that having early general elections in the nation would be detrimental to both the PTI and democracy. The PPP leader further stated that if the PTI succeeds in dissolving the Punjab and KP assemblies. they will run in the polls. We’ll see how many MPs the PTI can elect. They would continue to act as the opposition.

The PPP pushed for a change of government in Punjab since the coalition parties had the numbers. Which may be enhanced in the coming days We will communicate with Pervez Elahi. But we also have other options in answer to a query on the no-confidence motion in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Where the PTI has been in power since 2013, Zardari remarked. We PDM have seats in KP as well, but some of our friends were misdirected, and all we need to do is bring them back.

In response to charges that he was involved in horse trading at the time a no-confidence resolution was presented against Khan, Zardari questioned which National Assembly members were purchased by the PDM, saying that these aren’t simply about bribing the people and dissolving legislatures. “I didn’t purchase anyone since there was no need. The comment from the PPP co-chairman comes as numerous PTI MPs in Punjab have counselled the party’s Chairman, Imran Khan, against dissolving the provincial legislature immediately.

The development occurred after the PTI’s high-level committee delivered a report to Khan about the dissolution of the Punjab Assembly. In a dig at Khan, the ex-president added that in the last two months, he had himself shot and only managed to collect 25,000 people. Is this your level of popularity?

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PPP leader

The PPP leader stated that his party was prepared to confront Khan. He went on to say that the PPP was strong in Punjab because the leaders had been with the party for 40 years. Since we haven’t been in power for the previous 30 years, we’ve become a little weak there, and we’re attempting to overcome those hurdles.

The former president stated that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) should hold Khan accountable and that the government would not engage in vengeance politics. His Khan’s game is huge, and its roots are all over the world. The PPP co-chairman remarked. In response to a query on PTI President Dr Arif Alvi, Zardari stated that commenting on the president’s impeachment would be premature.

What are we going to take away from the president, The PPP chairman, however, would not rule out the prospect of delaying a no-trust move against the president. Regarding negotiations with the PTI, Zardari stated that “dialogue can be had with the PTI as well. But people need to adjust their characters for negotiations. The PTI may talk to Mian Nawaz Sharif sahib if they wish to talk to the coalition government.

Zardari stated that he did not know the newly appointed Commander of Army Staff (COAS), General Asim Munir and that he did not know. The guy who has been selected as the new army chief. the senior officer was appointed as army chief in accordance with the institution’s decision. He insisted that the former army leader had never urged him to extend his service term.

Zardari said

New thinking and wind will blow in the country. Zardari slammed the PTI, If Khan had made a poor judgement, it would have been more difficult for the nation. He insisted that they had stopped the PTI chairman from doing so. Conspiracy narratives and waving paper US cyphers are not serious things. In response to the PTI charges concerning the diplomatic cable, the PPP leader questioned. Why did you want to be in the bad graces of the US for the rest of your life?

Why do you Khan want to bring Pakistan along with you in their bad books? Pakistan confronts various difficult obstacles, including the economy. We cannot address the problem by pressing a button. We have Iran, Afghanistan and Central Asian nations as neighbours but we may also grow our exports.

Zardari stated that he has been campaigning for sugar exports for the last six months since it is critical to the economy’s recovery. We have to restore the economy forever. Winning elections isn’t crucial. Adding that no country would dare to dictate Pakistan’s exports if they were worth billions. While discussing Pakistan-India ties.

The former president stated that the neighbouring country was a tough topic. India has annexed India Illegally Occupying Jammu and Kashmir as if it were no big matter. Referring to them as narrow-minded individuals.

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