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Zardari Sent a Legal Notice to Imran On Murder Charges

PPP send legal notice to PTI over assassination conspiracy allegation.

The legal notice served by Zardari today said that Imran made “false, fabricated and defamatory remarks” through a video link address broadcast on all news channels and reported internationally. It added that Imran made “baseless allegations of serious nature” against the PPP leader.

Last week, Imran Khan claimed that a new plan had been hatched to assassinate him, accusing the former president of being a key conspirator.

Addressing a news conference through a video link from his residence in Zaman Park in Lahore, the ousted prime minister termed the alleged conspiracy as ‘Plan C’ for which he accused Zardari of planning an assassination attempt on his life. Paid money to a terrorist organization.

“Through your baseless allegations of a malicious and defamatory nature, you have attempted to defame our client nationally and internationally,” the notice said.

He maintained that allegations that Zardari and the PPP were “victims of terrorism” were “blindly ignored” because former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was also “assassinated by terrorists”.

New Plan to kill Imran Khan

“Furthermore, you have stated in your statements that our client, through corruption money, is hatching a new plan to allegedly kill you, despite the fact that our client has been falsely accused for almost eight years.

He has been in jail for fabricated, trimmed and fabricated corruption cases, not a single one of which was proved against him and he was honorably acquitted.

However, The notice reiterated that Imran’s defamatory statements were being “widely disseminated globally on social and mainstream media” and had “malicious intentions and nefarious motives” to malign Zardari’s reputation.

“Democracy in Pakistan” was made with those who struggled and sacrificed for the restoration.

It added that Imran’s statements “hurt the sentiments of Pakistan People’s Party members”.

The notice asks Imran khan to issue an unconditional apology to our client on television, print, and social media within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt of this notice.

Accordingly, if Imran fails to apologize, Zardari may be forced to “take appropriate legal action against you, civil and criminal, before competent courts and forums in Pakistan and England, including but not limited to “Suit for damages of Rs. 10,000,000,000/- (Rupees ten billion only) at your risk as to costs and consequences”.

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