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Zayn Malik Urdu Song ‘Tu Hai Kahan’ Created a Sensation

Tu Hai Kahan: Zayn Malik sings first Urdu song with Pakistani band AUR.

British singer Zayn Malik first urdu song ‘Tu Hai Kahan’ released with young singers of Pakistan emerging music band ‘Aur’ has created buzz on social media.

The Pakistani music band ‘Aur’ released their song ‘Tu Hai Kahan’ on 10 June 2023, which captivated not only Pakistani fans.

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Rather, the unique lyrics of this song made Indian fans appreciate it and made countless reels.

‘Toh Hai Kahn’ became such a hit within a few months that the young singers thought of making an updated version with British singer Zayn Malik.

Which has been uploaded on YouTube channel yesterday on the occasion of Zayn Malik birthday.

The music video of ‘To Hai Kahn’ was already trending on social media and music app Spotify.

However, in the updated version of this music video released last night, along with the young singers of ‘Aur’, British singer Zayn Malik can also be heard humming a few lines of Urdu language.

Which once again forced social media users to appreciate.

The foreign singer’s 4 minute 40 second music video in collaboration with Pakistan’s rising singers Osama Ali, Ahad Khan, and Rafi Anwar is receiving rave reviews from millions of fans.

While this music video has received more than 17 lakh 14 thousand views and more than 2 lakh 58 thousand likes in 24 hours.

It should be noted that Zayn Malik is a well-known British singer of Pakistani origin.

His parents are from Pakistan. In 2016, he revealed that he can speak and understand Urdu.

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