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14 Million Shia Pilgrims Gather in Karbala for Arbaeen

Over 14 million shia entered Karbala for Arbaeen, says the governor.

In preparation for the celebration of Arbaeen in honor of Imam Hussain (RA), the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) grandson, the city of Karbala in Iraq, is thronged with pilgrims from Iraq and all over the world.

Karbala Governor Nassif Jassim Al-Khattabi stated that “more than 14 million people have already arrived in Karbala to participate in the Arbaeen procession,” adding that this year’s Arbaeen procession is thought to be the largest in recent memory.

The official further stated that the Arbaeen pilgrimage plans are directly overseen and monitored by the prime minister of Iraq.

In the previous several days, more Iranian pilgrims have traveled to Karbala than during the same time last year, a 12 percent increase.

An Iranian official in charge of the Arbaeen pilgrimage stated on Saturday that “over 3,350,000 Iranian pilgrims have so far crossed Iran-Iraq borders, which shows a 12 percent growth year on year.”

Every year, more and more people go to Iraq during Arbaeen, with many choosing to do so via Iran. Since Ashura began, more over 21 million pilgrims have traveled to Karbala.

The common border crossings were visited by the Iranian interior and health ministries last month to evaluate the infrastructure and supplies for Arbaeen pilgrims.

The yearly pilgrimage signifies the conclusion of the 40-day period of mourning that followed the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS), the third Shia Imam, and his devoted companions on Muharram 10, 680 CE, at the Battle of Karbala.

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