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Daud Kim Inaugurated Mosque in South Korea

Famous Korean Youtuber Daud Kim inaugurated a mosque in South Korea.

Famous Korean Youtuber Daud Kim has inaugurated a mosque on Yeongjong Island in Incheon, South Korea.

Daud Kim posted a video on Instagram showing several shots of the mosque’s construction and footage of people praying inside.

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In his Instagram post, Kim expressed his gratitude and joy, writing,

Alhamdulillah I finally did it 🕌❤️ With your help, I made a home of Allah (SWT). I also know that many people are concerned. But I will never give up on my dream of building a mosque. Thank you.

The singer and YouTuber addressed his followers personally, encouraging people who want to assist in his quest to volunteer, highlighting the project’s community-driven character. Kim posted pictures from the mosque’s dedication, where he and other attendees said prayers, on his Instagram story.

The construction of the mosque was a difficult undertaking. Kim used donations to pay the $136,500 down payment for the land. However, the development of a religious complex on Yeongjong Island caused strong opposition to his plans from the locals of Incheon. The landowner terminated the contract due to the backlash, stating that they were unaware of Kim’s plans to construct a mosque.

Even with these challenges, Daud Kim didn’t waver. He overcame local opposition and controversy to complete the mosque’s construction. His admirers and followers have applauded his fortitude in the face of hardship, having seen his dedication to establishing a house of worship.

It should be noted that Daud Kim, who announced his conversion to Islam in September 2019, has 3.5 million Instagram followers and 5.52 million YouTube subscribers.

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