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2,000 people have died due to floods in eastern Libya

Libya hit by storm; death toll at 2,000, bodies found during opration.

According to Al Jazeera, the eastern Libya city of Derna, which received torrential rains, was the area most affected by the rains and floods. The natural order of things has been disturbed, and the streets are flooded.

Osama Hamad, the prime minister of the self-proclaimed government in eastern Libya, said thousands of people were still missing, but did not provide numbers or information.

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However, Qais Faqiri, head of the Red Crescent in Bin ghazi, told Al Jazeera that the water level in the city had risen to three meters (10 feet), wreaking havoc and raising the possibility of more casualties.

According to the Derna Municipal Council, two dams within the city have also failed. It should be noted that the mountains completely surround the city.

According to footage posted on social media, Cyclone Daniel destroyed the cities of Bin ghazi, Susa, Bayda, Al Marj and Darna on Sunday and Monday.

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