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4 Swimmers Get Injured in Dolphin Attack

Dolphin attack questions view of them as harmless in central Japan.

Dolphin attack on the well-known beach on Sunday resulted in injuries to four swimmers, according to officials on Monday.

First, early on Sunday, a dolphin crashed into a 60-year-old man, breaking his ribs and leaving bite marks on his hands.

The following morning, a 40-year-old guy suffered bites to his arm in a second incident.

Local police reported that two other attacks by the mammals on the same day upped the total number of such attacks this year to six and added that warning signs telling people to stay away from dolphins have been put up.

The same dolphin wounded two women in Ieland during the course of ten days in 2013. A rib was shattered by one of them. Five swimmers had to be rescued after a dolphin viciously surrounded them a year later.

Scientists believe that the fact that wild bottlenose dolphins find swimming with humans to be “incredibly stressful” and that this may have an impact on their behavior, is a credible explanation for why the normally playful and supposedly “harmless” species may become hostile.

While some may still be surprised by dolphins’ antagonism towards people, they are known to be hostile towards other marine life.

Bottlenose dolphin off the coast of England was recently seen throwing a porpoise into the air in a video that quickly became popular online.

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