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A surprise for Google users who typed the movie ‘Jawan’

Google search promotes Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan, surprise Mumbai users.

To celebrate the film’s success, Google surprised fans on its site. If you go to and type ‘Jawan’ in the search field, you will see a red walkie talkie on the new patch.

According to reports, the film ‘Jawan‘, which will hit theaters on September 7, 2023, has surpassed the actor’s film ‘Pathan’ on its opening day itself and set a new record.

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The bandage that Shah Rukh Khan wears on his face in the film will appear on both sides of the home patch. Apart from this, the superstar will also be heard saying ‘Ready’.

Shah Rukh Khan responded to Google in an interesting way.

On social networking site X, he reposted a tweet from Google India with the message, Search ‘Jawan’ on Google and also in theatres. Bandages are fun to watch when you don’t have to tie them to your face.

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