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Actress Kinza Hashmi Wanted to become a Singer

Pakistani Famous Actress Kinza Hashmi was wanted of becoming a singer.

Renowned actress Kinza Hashmi said that she was not interested in acting, rather she wanted to become a singer and she went for a song audition where she was selected for acting.

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During a TV show, in response to a question, she said that she wanted to become a singer, for which she contacted a talent agency.

After some time, I got a call from this talent agency, when I went there, I heard that I was invited to act, so I refused, but on their insistence, I got my audition recorded.

Kinza Hashmi said that the director forced me to enroll in a 15-day acting class because he was casting a play and he wanted a woman who looked like me.

When Kinza was asked about his first earnings in showbiz, he said that I was offered five lakh rupees for acting in this play.

At that time, I was 16 years old. I was surprised to hear it but did not show it.

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