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Al-Faqir Well in Madinah Reopens after Improvements

The historic Al-Faqir Well in Madinah has reopened for the tourists.

Following renovations, the revered Al-Faqir Well in Madinah, commonly referred to as the Salman Al-Farsi Well, is once again open to pilgrims and tourists.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, this location dates back more than 14 centuries and is a monument to history, closely associated with the era of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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The well, which is surrounded by verdant orchards and is located in Madinah’s Alya neighborhood, was formerly operated by pulleys to retrieve water.

It is now managed by the Madinah Region Development Authority and other relevant organizations, and it has been improved with features including a pool.

According to historical researcher Fouad Al-Maghamisi, the story of Salman Al-Farsi, who was formerly employed as a slave in a neighboring orchard, is connected to the origins of the Al-Faqir Well.

The place is associated with Salman Al-Farsi, however it is today known as the Al-Faqir Well. Prophet Muhammad freed him by paying the owner of the orchard.

Development efforts have painstakingly preserved the well’s original integrity by fortifying it and its conduits with an iron fence and reinforcing walkways and gates with local Madinah stone.

The external courtyard has been improved, stone benches have been placed for the comfort of guests, and palm trees have been added to the surrounding area.

The entrance is currently adorned with an educational plaque that provides details on the historical significance of the site.

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