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Ali Gul Pir Captures Shahbaz’s Mango Obsession, Viral Video

Ali Gul viral skit on PM Shahbaz mango obsession tickle funny bone.

Taking determination from Shahbaz’s communication that is embarrassing Turkish President-elect Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Ali takes audiences for a pretty intimate trip of the man along with his valuable mango obsession viral skit.

We can all agree this is “still an improved love story than Twilight.”

When you look at the skit, Ali Gul Pir brilliantly impersonates Shahbaz Sharif, even taking his jerky hand motions.

Shabby’ discovers a mango that captures their heart and becomes deeply infatuated with it. The skit humorously showcases their love tale, with Shahbaz Sharif revealing their love for the mango in several techniques that are comical.

The minute shows up whenever Shahbaz Sharif has to present the beloved mango to the Turkish President-elect while the skit advances. The expectation and timing of this certainly comic towards the hilarity of the circumstance, making the viewers in stitches.

The video quickly moved viral on social networking, with netizens struggling to include their particular laughter. Visitors praised Ali Gul Pir’s depiction this is certainly spot-on of Sharif and applauded his comedic skills. Memes and reactions are funny cyberspace, further increasing the activity worth of the skit.

Mango Obsession

Ali Gul Pir’s capability to capture the essence regarding the discussion this is certainly awkward transform it right into a rib-tickling comedy has generated him awards from fans and supporters. Their special take on the incident showcases his comedic wizard and leaves everyone excitedly awaiting their next creation this is certainly hilarious.

Ali Gul Pir is a comedian that is Pakistani rapper, and star. He gained popularity through his satirical songs movies and entertaining activities, usually addressing personal and political issues in a lighthearted manner.

With his infectious humor and his observations, Ali Gul Pir will continue to deliver laughter to the everyday lives of their market, demonstrating once again the reason why he’s considered one of the funniest comedians in Pakistan.

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