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Ali Muhammad Khan Again Arrested

PTI leader Ali Muhammad rearrested after Peshawar High Court release.

Following widespread protests that erupted on May 9 as a result of the PTI leader Ali Muhammad again arrested, the PHC yesterday granted Khan release after hearing a petition challenging his arrest under Section 3 of the Maintenance of Public Order (MPO).

The present arrest was made on suspicion of corruption, according to the PTI leader attorney, who was then taken to the Toru police station.

The case involving the terrorism accusations led to today reprieve. However, the judge had noted that if Khan was sought for in any other crimes, he might be detained once more.

Right away as the former minister of state stepped outside the courthouse, he was detained once more.

Khan has currently been detained five times for various offences.

In an earlier interview with media before Khan entered the courtroom, he said that the leader of his party “has always subscribed to a peaceful political struggle and stood by the rule of law.”

Khan pledged to stand trial on every case and expressed confidence that “the law will win” in the end.

Whoever took part in the incidents on May 9 should be brought to account, he said, but charging the PTI as a whole is wrong.

He emphasized that his party “does not stand by the May 9 miscreants” and said, “The PTI is a central party with a vote bank in all four provinces.”

He acknowledged that May 9 had been a “painful day for the nation,” but regretted that the incidents had been “used to marginalize the PTI,” which he believed was “inappropriate.”

By highlighting the fact that “this party is the outcome of a two-year long struggle,” Khan also maintained adamant that the PTI will once more be successful in forming a government.

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