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Biparjoy Cyclone Changed its Direction towards Pakistan

Meteorological Dept: Biparjoy cyclone shift towards Pakistan, Karachi.

According to Chief Meteorologist Sardar Sarfraz, the Biparjoy cyclone, which is now in the Southeast Arabian Sea, has changed course and is now travelling towards the North and Northeast.

Sarfraz claimed that Biparjoy is a strong cyclone that shows no signs of diminishing and that it has travelled towards the northeast in under 12 hours.

The storm is 1100 kilometres northeast of Karachi, according to the meteorological department, and its centre is experiencing significant wind gusts of 130 to 160 kilometres per hour.

The waves typically reach heights of 4 to 5 feet at sea level, but the Meteorological Department predicts that they could reach heights of up to 25 to 28 feet owing to flooding. It is too soon to predict which nation’s coastline regions may be impacted by this storm.

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