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Another Incident of Quran Burning in Sweden, Angers Muslims

At Stockholm Royal Palace, 2 men burn Quran pages & kick a copy of it.

Salwan Momika, 37, and Salwan Najem, 48, burned the Quran at Mynttorget on Monday in line with the laws of Sweden that safeguard the right to free speech.

The palace and the government buildings are all positioned around the central plaza.

Monika and Najem engaged in a long, dramatic, and by this time well-known desecration of the Quran while shouting at the crowd with a megaphone.

However, Extinguish the hate was being chanted by a group of persons wearing fireman-themed gear who were among the gathering.

They were handing out plastic firefighter hats and encouraging onlookers to use their megaphones.

Muslim nations have been shocked by many Quran burnings in Sweden and Denmark this year and have asked that the governments of both countries put a stop to such crimes.

The cops disperse the group after the allotted hour has passed so that anyone who wants to save any pieces of the desecrated sacred book may do so.

Several men sprinted across the plaza, scooping up the papers from the ground and from the walls leading to the Royal Palace as the duo fled the area while being escorted by police.

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