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Apple Releases Revamped Website All New Design

Apple Releases Revamped Website All New Design

Apple unveils iCloud web interface with modern design, tiles for Mail.

All users can now access the new iCloud look. Before being released to the larger iCloud user base, Apple’s tested the new design on the iCloud website‘s beta version, where it tests new functions and adjustments.

All of Apple’s iCloud services are easily accessible through the new iCloud interface. iCloud Drive, Find My, Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Photos, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, and Find My contacts are also included. Additionally, you have control over your iCloud account settings, which include details on your iCloud+ membership and associated iCloud storage.

The iCloud website’s homepage is simple to modify. All of the many iCloud services and apps can have new tiles added, and you can reorder them according to which ones you use the most. They can also be moved around to change the size of various widgets.

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You may visit the iCloud website right here to test it out. How do you feel about the new style? Inform us in the comments below.

Apple MR Headsets 

According to a DigiTimes report obtained by MacRumors, the device will go into production in the first quarter of 2023. The device could be unveil as early as April of the very next year.

The initial run is expected to be small, with rough estimates of around 0.7 million units for the year. According to reports, Pegatron will be the sole partner for final assembly.

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