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Are we Really Striving for Peace and Security in the World?

Are we doing our best for the betterment and peace of the world?

Are we doing our best for the betterment and peace of the world? Political analysts find this era to be the most peaceful, but the reality is otherwise. A peaceful world lies only in scholarly articles and publications. Peace on truth is more bitter than these fabricated claims of the world.

The world is becoming more and more unstable and divided. The number of casualties in armed wars is increasing. Every moment, more and more cities and infrastructure are being destroyed, along with human rights violations.

According to the Geneva Academy, today there are 45 armed conflicts in the Middle East, 35 armed conflicts in Africa, 21 in Asia, seven in Europe, and six in Latin America. Can you say peaceful?

Various Bonflicts

Almost thousands of people are killed every day in these military conflicts. Is there peace in the world after all these deaths? There are few places on earth that are so peaceful. Meanwhile, racism, nationalism, sectarianism, bigotry and religious intolerance are consuming the rest of the world. Sixty percent of all hostilities around the world take place in Muslim countries. 60% of these thousands of deaths are Muslims. Despite being the main victims of these conflicts, Muslims bear the brunt of the blame. The world is witnessing an increase in Islamophobia. There are rising tides in Europe, while since 9/11, the US has experienced its own rising tide.

This labeling of violence against Islam and Muslims or any race is nothing but a mere reflection of the failure of the world’s administrators. The United Nations has always been a power show of major world powers. What is happening in Gaza? Has the so-called Security Council been able to protect even one citizen of Palestine? More than 20,000 Palestinians have been killed in recent attacks, including more than 8,000 children. How can the UN intervene?

Ceasefire in Gaza

A ceasefire resolution in Gaza was vetoed by key states, and the UN was powerless to intervene except to continue to watch their faces. What Israel is doing is not permissible. Killing of women and children is not acceptable. Hospital bombings are not acceptable. Massacres in Gaza schools are unacceptable. What kind of self defense is this if it involves the killing of over 8000 children? What kind of self defense is this if it results in multiple civilian casualties? A form of self-defense that involves starving thousands of civilians is what kind of defense?

Other issues for peaceful situations

There are other issues that show how the world system has failed. The failure of this unjust global system is further expressed by the Kashmir dispute, which could ignite a nuclear conflict between the two South Asian powers. The UN has done nothing but pass resolutions now wait and watch them fail. The recent abrogation of Article 370-A has left no option to resolve the issue bilaterally between India and Pakistan.

How many more years of peace will be possible? Nothing but bloodshed has come out of this unjust nation-state system. It destroys the lives of countless people while bringing wealth and comfort to a few. Justice and equality must be the foundation of every society if a peaceful world is to be achieved. Every drop of blood should be treated with equal respect and sanctity. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the entire Western world is throwing caution to the wind and trying to maintain peace in Ukraine.

When it comes to the genocide of Palestinians by Israel, where is their humanity? Why is Kashmir celebrating Black Day today, where is the humanitarian aid for the civilians killed in Kashmir? Where is the humanitarian aid to stop the bloodshed in Syria? Why can’t the West itself help the refugees of the Middle East? Is this the case because the West does not care that these citizens are protected? Or is this system created only to benefit the superpowers of the world?

A society based on disbelief can survive but a society based on injustice cannot survive.

As is happening in the modern world. The world is becoming increasingly fractured, unstable and restless as injustice grows. This system needs to be redesigned. Real peace on earth can only be achieved by ending the drama involving the P5 Security Council. Otherwise, as a result of this unjust system, countless more lives will be lost and countless innocent young people will continue to lose their lives at the hands of cruel and merciless tyrants like Israel.

We and the entire international community need to rethink this. Are we on the right path or not? Are we doing our best for the betterment and peace of the world or not? And do we really want to see peace prevail? Are we responsible for the security of the world and is the future of the world secure? Are our future generations safe from the development of these deadly weapons? We need to reflect on this, and if current conditions suggest that we are not on the right track, then we need to reverse. World leaders have to change their ways. We all have to reform.

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