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Spanish Police Arrest in ‘Love Scam’ Triple Murder Pakistani Arrested

Spanish police arrest Pakistani to siblings’ killing over scam debt.

A Pakistani man was arrest by Spanish police on Monday, they claimed, in relation to the deaths of three seventy-year-old siblings, who were allegedly the victims of debts related to an online love scam.

According to a police statement, the 43-year-old suspect “turned himself in” on Sunday night and “admitted his involvement in incidents related to the triple murder in a house in Morata de Tajuna.”

The three victims were discovered by police on Thursday inside their house in the town, which is located approximately 35 kilometers southeast of Madrid, partially burned and piled.

After not seeing the two sisters or their crippled brother for some time, the neighbors called the police, who stated that the deaths of the sisters were being investigated as possible murders due to a possible debt.

The man, known only as DHFC, was identified by police on Monday as the “primary suspect” in the investigation because he had “previously injured one of the female victims last year.”

According to Spanish media, which cited locals, the tragedy was probably caused by a fictitious internet romance between the two sisters, who they believed to be US servicemen who they would be corresponding with virtually.

The sisters incurred significant debts after being misled into believing that one had passed away and that the other required money to deliver them a multimillion-dollar inheritance.

At first, they started taking out loans from their neighbors. Francisco Villalain, the mayor of the village, informed Spanish media that they had been renting out a room in their house to the Pakistani suspect for a number of months.


The defendant allegedly lent them at least 50,000 euros over that time, which they never paid back. As a result, he attacked one of the sisters violently, landing him in temporary custody.

One neighbor had told TVE on Friday, “They weren’t asking for 100 euros or 20, they were asking you for 5,000 or 6,000 euros.” According to another neighbor who spoke to TVE, the sisters transferred the money because they didn’t think it was a hoax and because the surviving soldier had promised them seven million euros in inheritance money. Police remained silent regarding the reports.

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